Re: CONFIG_PNP: Please change the name

tpeters (
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 19:17:08 -0700 (MST)

On Sun, 17 Mar 1996, Mike Kilburn wrote:

> > Run. I like Jumpers on a card much more, there I can actually see and be
> > sure whats going on. The Problem ist not the PNP itself, but the mixture
> > with non PNP Components, the Software Requirements and the Bios Extensions.
> >
> Yes. But I assume these are software issues that can be overcome by
> a properly written resource manager for linux. I like jumpers but
> the promise of a system where you just "plug and play" is to tempting
> to pass up.

No. They aren't software issues. They're too-smart HARDWARE issues.
(coupla hours fixing a system where the PNP bios decided the Gravis MAX
soundcard was a safe place to put the EIDE controller. Not fun! (and
I'm not even gonna TALK about the NE2000+). I'll give a clue on the GUS
soundcard though: It had to be reconfigged so that it would sit where
the EIDE wasn't.... with setup software on the hard drive....

Jumperless ISA + PCI + PNP is opening for disaster unless PNP can be told
where ISA stuff is....

And why is it that jumperless hardware like the Gravis Ultrasound series
soundcards, NE2000+ and compatible network cards, and VESA/PCI graphics
cards can only be config'd under DOS? (don't answer - rhetorical)

>> Something about Teles cards
> But thats a fault of Teles. Non PnP soft config works well with the 3com
> enet cards. Again, a good resource manager should do the best it can
> with the hardware at hand.

Yeah, if the PNP hardware hasn't decided the videocard should go where
the network card is set to....

> > Of course PNP is very helpfull (Eisa, MCA, PCI) if it works right... the
> > question is... does it work right? :)
> >
> This is the big question. I am only concerned with linux for now so if
> PnP for linux works well I dont care if Win95 is a "disaster".
> We have the option to disable PnP with a jumper and then we have a
> "simi" soft config. The config port is jumpered in that case but the dual
> port ram and irq is soft config via the jumpered i/o.

Lucky! Out of 4 ISA cards, 3 are soft configged, no jumpers.

PNP disasters in my history have all had to do with faulty hardware, not
faulty software. (Win'95 being convinced non-PNP hardware is PNP
hardware is lots more fun though... e.g. Gravis Ultrasound drivers)

I vote for Linux to support it (it's not a democracy though).

[That I had troubles dealing with GUS's is not a GUS issue - it's been
PERFECT under Linux/DOS/whatever. Just annoying under Win95 - and broken
in a broken PNP situation]

- Teunis