Re: clearing memory

Drew Eckhardt (
Mon, 01 Apr 1996 20:07:43 -0700

In message <199603281546.KAA19740@chaos>, writes:
>What is the best way to clear memory of processes that have ended? are syst?

All memory is freed when a program terminates.

>I recently installed Netscape-2.01 on my system. I am running 1.3.73
>and have 48 MB of memory and frequently have two users logged in a
>running Netscape. It really crawls. Loading and reloading take much
>longer than with the v. 1.1 I used before. Sometimes, the system hangs
>or it seems necessary to reboot to claim the memory after one of the NS
>processes has been killed.
>Any ideas?

Unfortunately, older X server binaries haven't been linked against the
munmap(2)ing free(3) code; so any space for pixmaps, etc. will remain
in use until the X server is restarted.

The way Netscape works, this can be _quite_ substantial (I've gotten my
Xserver up to 40M).

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