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Mitch Davis (
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 17:15:35 +1000 (EST)

> Anybody else wants to get involved in that? Comments from other ppl in
> the kernel dev. also welcome...

There was an article the other day about "Multimon". Let me have a dig...
Ahh, here it is....

> From Tue Mar 12 18:26:50 1996
> From: Zachary R Amsden <>
> Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 22:36:57 -0500 (EST)
> Subject: [none]
> Status: OR
> netnews.comp.os.linux.development.system, comp.os.linux.hardware
> Subject:
> Cc:
> I have just completed the BETA release of MultiMon, which allows for
> multiple monitors under Linux. It supports VGA/EGA and CGA/MDA. This
> allows you to have a dual-monitor system (or if you have strange, modified
> hardware, an n monitor system). Most of the bugs in the last release have
> been fixed, and it works slickly, even with X. Unfortunately, there is
> still a problem with SVGALib, X and Dosemu, which might not be fixable in
> the kernel (these things still work with it - see the readme).
> It is available on:
> tsx-11 (I don't know where yet, I just uploaded it today)
> sunsite (soon, appears to be temporarily down)
> (may be up and down sporadically because I kernel hack a lot, but very
> rarely down for more than 1/2 hour)
> >From the README:
> This is a BETA release - there may be bugs or unimplemented features, and
> I can take no responsibility for any damages to your computer. This may
> sound spooky, but it is just another part of legal hocus-pocus. I am
> solidly confident in the code, as it is working on my machine, and am just
> as confident that it will work on other machine with standard VGA/mono
> combinations. However, I don't have the hardware to test other monitor
> configurations, so there may be bugs with particular hardware.
> The patches are against the 1.3.68 kernel console driver, and should work on
> the latest kernels in the 66-70 series.
> Ok, first of all, these patches do not work with a DEC PCI TGA card.
> Hopefully soon they will. (as I said last time. Now I have discovered that
> this card is used only on Alpha chip platforms. If anyone has any
> information on how plug and play works on Alphas, or how this card works, I
> would be greatly obliged).
> There are no longer two distributed patches - you cannot ifdef this anymore.
> My reasoning behind this is that it is pretty easy, but pub/Linux/Incoming for
> the moment).
> J

I saved it because I will be needing it soon. Let me know how you go.