Re: newbies not reading the FAQs...

Bill Bogstad (
Mon, 01 Apr 1996 18:18:26 -0500

>Alan Cox ecrivit:
>> > Okay. One last time. Get the new procps pack from sunsite or tsx-11.
>> > v0.99 or 0.99a - not sure which. This should REALLY be a FAQ folks!
>> Whats the point of FAQ if nobody will be reading it anyway
>It _is_ in the FAQ.

Which no one reads. So have the 'Makefile' not work unless you do something
special ('make expert' first???). Then have this only documented in two

1. The Makefile with a strong warning that people running test kernels
should really read the FAQ.

2. The FAQ itself.

Then respond to all questions like the one that prompted this thread with a
note saying it is documented in the FAQ and giving it's location. Then
IGNORE any further pleadings from the user. Of course, none of this is
going to happen...

Bill Bogstad