Re: Dual Monitor

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Mon, 1 Apr 1996 15:29:51 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 31 Mar 1996, Antoine Reid wrote:

> > me too, I have a SVGA / Hercules in my system, and I just want to have
> > tail -f /var/adm/messages + syslog on the herc one. I found something
> > like dualmon on sunsite, but it doesn't like me - doesn't compile...
> >
> > thanks. nickolai.
> >
> I also have a hercules right now.. would you be interrested in doing some
> tests if we eventually work to make some patches? It would be very good
> to have the VT code permanently supporting 2 adapters ... eventually,
> supporting 2 (S)Vga would be good too, since more and more ppl have pci
> systems .. (as pointed by D. Pates) ...
> Anybody else wants to get involved in that? Comments from other ppl in
> the kernel dev. also welcome...
> thanx for reading
> Antoine

I would be very interested in a dual monitor option, as I have access to
multiple video cards and monitors (some of them old, but..)

Anyways, if (when) someone implements this, the features I would like to
see are:

- support for multiple VC's on different monitors

- ability to startx on one or more monitors, i.e. if I wanted X on
monitors 1 and 3, leaving 2 with a VC

This is just a wish list for anyone developing, though.. I don't have
enough programming experience to be able to code this myself.

- Tom