utmp not getting cleaned.

Kayvan Sylvan (kayvan@sylvan.com)
Mon, 1 Apr 96 11:15 PST

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Patterson <root@gomer.mlink.net> writes:

Greg> One problem after another it seems lately.
Greg> After upgrading (not) to newest available packages (libc 5.2.18,
Greg> ld.s.o.1.7.14, binutils-, and modules-1.3.57), when exiting from
Greg> X with ctrl-alt-bs, all the xterms are closed but utmp is no longer
Greg> cleaned up.. It shows all my xterm logins but with no TTY and a "-"
Greg> in the "what" field.

Greg> I've been running procps 0.99 for a while now. It is/was more than
Greg> likely libc which is causing my problem as I noticed it before installing
Greg> binutils.

Greg> It occurs with 1.3.81 as well as with 1.3.77 so it can't be specifically
Greg> the most recent kernel.

Greg> Suggestions? procps 0.99a?

It's an xterm problem, actually. I got the R6 xterm and compiled it
and it works fine (no matter how I exit X).


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