Re: stty -a rows/columns still broken (1.3.81).

Tim Wright (
Mon, 01 Apr 1996 07:51:31 PST

I read the mail from someone saying this was a common problem and it rang
a few bells.
I checked and found this was a problem on Sequent about 2 years ago.
In this case, the bug is in the TCP stack and the fix was as follows:

Intermittently when using rlogin into a DYNIX/ptx system the terminal window
size will not get set. The "stty -a" command shows rows=0 cols=0.
Investigation showed this is caused sometimes, by TCP not setting the URG
flag or urgent pointer when retransmitting a frame that contains urgent
data. Fast Patch 203460 corrects this problem so if urgent data must be
retransmitted the urgent flag and pointer will be correct.

Might be worth checking out if this is the case with Linux.

Alan ?

In message <199603310424.XAA00450@radon.dac>,Dave Caswell writes:
> >From: Greg Patterson <>
> >Somewhere after kernel 1.3.72, something is broken with respect to setting
> >the correct 'rows' and 'columns' from 'stty' on my system.
> I checked into this a little bit and found it easy to reproduce when
> using rlogin to the same host. Trying rlogin over an ethernet so I
> could watch the actual traffic, wouldn't show the problem.
> Is there a way to dump the packets going over the loopback device?
> -davec

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