Re: strange disk activity

Zefram (
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 09:59:59 +0100 (BST)

> Delman Lee wrote:
> > Ah ha, another person having this strange disk activity. I also
> > noticed the same happening to my IDE disk with the root filesystem
> The periodic disk blips that I see (every 7 seconds) always come
> from blflush (no suprise). So then I started killing off daemons
> until the activity ceased.

I'm getting this sort of behaviour too. 1.3.80, there is disk activity
every five or six seconds. procinfo says it's most often writing about
three pages, but this varies. Under 1.2.13, on the same system, the
closest I got to this was the minutely atrun. In both cases I have
continuously running processes, including a top and three tail -fs. I
suspect that the tails are what is causing this.

Have some major changes to the buffering algorithm been made recently?
Or are more syscalls causing changes to an inode's atime? Or a change
to the default bdflush parameters? Linus?


P.S. until I rebooted to 1.3.80 a couple of days ago, my 1.2.13 system
had an uptime of over three months. That's really quite a stable