Re: Compile problem

Christoph Lameter (
31 Mar 1996 20:39:51 -0800

: I do not know if I am encountering a Linux specific problem or a
: bug with GCC. This is my setup:
This is usually not a bug but a hardware problem.

: Linux 1.3.58 and 1.3.79 (same problem on both) on an i586. Using
: gcc 2.7.2 and 2.7.2p.

: For a long time I have gotten what seems like random errors when compiling,
: for example when compiling the Linux kernel, I get:

: gcc [snip...]
: cpp: output pipe has been closed
: gcc: Internal compiler error: Program cc got fatal signal 11

: (note, 11 is SEGV somtimes its signal 6)

: sometimes the "cpp: output pipe has been closed" does not appear.

: (an invalid .o file is left as a result causing ld to fail its linking).

: The error seems to happen in particular on certain .c files. For example
: the drivers/block/floppy.c does this over and over, but perhaps one out
: of 10 compilations succeed. Sometimes logging out & back in solves
: the problem.

: What should I do?

Get your Hardware fixes. I guess you have a bad RAM Modules or your BIOS configuration is not ok.
Run some hardware tests to figure out what the problem is with your machine.