Re: Linux isn't an operating system

Erik Corry (
Thu, 7 Mar 96 02:05 MET

Richard Stallman ( wrote:
: on NASA TV last week indicate that computers running under the Linux
: operating system are being used on STS-75. Linux is powerful 32-bit
: multiuser, multitasking operating system similar to Unix in many ways
: except cost and licensing....
: Linux was designed a few short years ago by Linus Torvalds, a graduate...
: This article makes a common mistake: confusing the whole operating
: system with the kernel. Linus Torvalds wrote the kernel, Linux. A
: whole operating systems consists of Linux and many other programs,
: which were written by a great many people.

At least they did better than Reuters, who messed up completely with
the following:

> Caldera's system is developed in Linux, a programming language created
> by Linus Torvalds in Helsinki in the early 1990s that can be downloaded
> for free and which requires further developers to make source codes
> based on it available.

The rest of their Wabi-on-Linux story is on
and the real press release is somewhere near

Erik Corry