Adaptec 2940UW

Thayne Harbaugh (
Fri, 15 Mar 96 15:00:40 MST

I sent this in once but there wasn't any response. Maybe it was lost . . .

I have SCSI harddrive on my adaptec 2940uw controller. When I install Scilab
on the harddrive and try to run the demos the entire computer locks - no
console switching, no ctrl-alt-bkspace to kill X, nothing functions. Here's the
catch: When Scilab is installed to my IDE harddrive it runs perfectly!

I have 1.3.72 but I this problem has been in every kernel I've tried as ealry
as 1.3.42 (I still haven't found a single kernel without the problem). I sure
the problem is in the kernel because EVERYTHING locks up.

Any ideas?