Re: 1.3.72 bad news

Eric F. Kahler ((")
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 14:32:56 -0500 said:
> If anyone can come up with a (slightly smaller) test case than emacs,
> I'd really appreciate it. This is definitely a real bug, and it's
> likely to be in the tty subsystem. Now, if only I can figure out
> what it is...

I also think that there is a problem with the tty subsystem. I've been having
a terible time trying to get ppp conections -- it appears that the full login
text which my internet provider sends isn't making it to my system -- if I
have a look at /var/log/messages, where all of my pppd/chat logs it's input
and output, it is clear that some lines get their first few letters cut off.

Also I've noticed this problem with other loggings from syslogd -- some of the
kernel messages, from the boot process, are missing their first few letters.
i.e. "Unix sockets" is now often appearing as "x sockets".

This has started happening to me since kernel version 1.3.71 and is still
present in 1.3.74. Sometimes it takes 5 attempts before I can sucessfully
login to my ISP.


From:  Eric Kahler.