Re: Linux DCE/DFS

David Arnold (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 15:06:19 +1000

-->"Laszlo" == Laszlo Vecsey <> writes:

Laszlo> Any hopes of having a distributed file system added to Linux
Laszlo> any time soon? Are there legal reasons why DCE/DFS can't be
Laszlo> implemented now (for free) in the kernel, are there
Laszlo> specifications available anywhere?

DCE is composed of many parts. The RPC component has been made freely
available, and is in beta now for Linux.

The security, naming and file services are not freely available.
They are large and quite complex - I wouldn't attempt to reimplement
them from the (scant) specs.

Wrt. distributed file systems, since both AFS and DFS are unavailable,
perhaps the Sprite file system is worth a look? i think it was quite
reasonable? or perhaps there's source for Coda about?