Re: A dos based Linux system

Jurgen Botz (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 11:13:20 -0500

Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> yes and no. I took the orginal message on the funny side, considering
> that while LOADLIN is not a dos extender, but it lets you run Linux
> programs

Oh, good, /someone/ got my point.

> part. Again it sounds unholy, but someone could get just the idea to use
> LOADLIN + LINUX as a kind of DOS extender. The big problem is, that usually
> DOS extender are expected to interface with the real mode, something
> Linux cleverly avoids. *evilgrin*

Well, the idea is not so far-fetched... obviously calling it a "DOS
extender" is stretching the term (beyond its elasticity), but the idea
is that app vendors /could/ use this approach to sell their Unix
packages to DOS users without having to port them... just ship it with
a UMSDOS based Linux kernel (with all drivers as modules), shared libs
and a special init. Details of how to make this work left as an
exercise to the reader.