X behaving strangely

Steffen Boerm (Steffen.Boerm@kiel.netsurf.de)
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 13:59:23 -0200


yesterday, I was using XFree86 with the fvwm Window manager. After working
fine for some time, first "ddd" started to behave strangely: When moving
the mousepointer into the "command" window, lots of messages about
unknown commands (which where empty) scrolled around.

Later, the Ctrl-Arrow-combination (switching of virtual pages) ceased
to work, apparently the corresponding messages (?) were directed to
the current window, not to the Window manager.

I never had these problems with 1.2.11, so I thought it could have
been caused by the kernel...

Best regards, Steffen 8-)