Re: Diald doesn't work with 1.3.72

Kevin Buettner (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 00:51:46 -0700 (MST)

Eric Schenk writes:

> Kevin Buettner <> writes:
> >I have been unable to get either diald-0.11 or diald-0.12 to work with
> >linux kernel 1.3.72 (built with IP forwarding, firewalling, and
> >masquerading). OTOH, diald-0.11 is working well with 1.3.70 and several
> >earlier versions in the 1.3.X series (configured the same).
> Are you making active use of all these features? I've got diald
> running with 1.3.72, but I don't have IP forwarding turned on,
> and although I have firewalling and masquerading compiled, I'm
> not actually using them. If you can isolate which feature
> is causing the problem it would probably help me track this down.

I rebuilt 1.3.72 and disabled network firewalling, IP forwarding,
IP firewalling, and IP masquerading. (All of these were enabled in
the previous version of 1.3.72 that I reported on.)

I tried out diald-0.11 (which works well for me in 1.3.70) and diald-0.12
with this new kernel configuration and got the same results.

Which are... diald connects, but once connected, I do not get connectivity
via rlogin or telnet. (But I sort of do with ping. See below.)

If I delete and then add back the default route to go straight to ppp0
instead of sl0, then things work fine until diald decides that no packets
have gone through in a while and shuts down the link.

Prior to deleting and adding back the route, I pinged my service
provider and got partial connectivity. For a while only the even
numbered sequence numbers where returning. Then there'd be periods
where I'd get several sequence numbers in a row properly followed
by a bunch of missed sequence numbers. (I also noticed similar
behavior though when using the previous 1.3.72 with IP firewalling/
forwarding/masquerading enabled. I just forgot to report it.)


I did a diff -u on drivers/net/ppp.c in 1.3.70 and 1.3.72. It turns out that the diff is over 1900 lines long! Now I'm not saying that that is where the problem lies, but that is a large number of changes. (What was that I heard about a code freeze?)


I played around some more with diald-0.12 in 1.3.70. I had first tried it back in the days (not that long ago) when it would hang the kernel on disconnecting. I had heard that it no longer does this (which is true for me). But it still doesn't work properly: diald-0.12 will connect properly and I get connectivity, but when I watch what is happening with dctrl, after the connection is made it doesn't seem to see any of the packets going through and eventually the connection is dropped.

Also, I have not been succesful at getting the "reroute" option to work. I expected the default route (as displayed by "netstat -r") to change to the ppp0 device instead of going to sl0, but this does not happen. Perhaps I misunderstand the intent of the reroute option?


I'll conclude by saying (to Eric) that I think diald is a nice piece of work and I am appreciative of all the time you've put into it.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance,