Re: ext. charset error with 1.3.69 !!!?

Thomas Quinot (
10 Mar 1996 20:56:37 GMT

Alexandre Molari ( =E9crit :

> 2) Now my problem. After switching from 1.2.13 -> 1.3.69, I can't get=
> extended characters (I've got the ISO_8859_1 extended charmap defi=
> anymore !!! Instead of having my nice accentuated chars, I got som=
> greek letters or some other mess :-(
> BUT when switching kernel, I haven't changed any configuration fil=
> (~/.inputrc, /etc/profile, ~/.profile, etc...).

Character sets handling was modified in early 1.3. You have to load
a proper Unicode map along with your console font, as in
/usr/sbin/setfont -u lat1 lat1-16
(to be launched by your rc).

On the other hand, you do not normally need to switch mappings using
escape sequences at boot-time anymore.