V86 monitor problems

Morten Welinder (terra@diku.dk)
Sun, 10 Mar 1996 15:11:55 +0100

The v86 monitor in "arch/i386/kernel/vm86.c" has a number of

1. The operand size prefix ("0x66") will sometimes be emulated as
a "pushf" instruction. Obviously most clients will crash
right away when that happens.

The cause is that the inner switch of handle_vm86_fault() does
not have a default case.

2. Extra prefixes will utterly confuse the monitor. This results
in clients receiving signals they shouldn't have had. For
example "0x2e 0xcd 0x21" (int 0x21 with a segment prefix) will
cause a signal.

To solve this, the structure should be rewritten into something

while <prefix>
<record or discard>
switch <instruction>

3. Instructions "int3" and "into" are not emulated.

4. The "pushw", "popw", "pushl", and "popl" macros are wrong.
Pushing and popping shouldn't cause wrap-arounds but exceptions.

All the above is from reading the code, not running it. I might
have gotten some detail wrong.

Morten Welinder
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