Re: NFS still flakely in 1.3.71

James H. Cloos Jr. (
Fri, 8 Mar 1996 05:04:10 -0600

>> Consistantly repeatable. I've been trying this both as root and as
>> my "mere mortal" account in my own directory, and it happens the
>> same way every time.

Linus> Hmm, interesting. I am not able to repeat it, but there may be
Linus> server differences. We have a linux NFS server here (with a
Linus> rather recent and patched NFS deamon: the "standard" linux NFS
Linus> deamon has some problems). What kind of setup is your server?

When it starts happening, it is repeatable. But it doesn't always

We have three boxen running 1.3.71 right now. All mount the same
/home filesystem from a NetApps toaster.

On one of them (a 486/80, 64M ram, w/ usu 10M cached) I can never
reproduce it.

On another (a P5-100, 64M, usu 15M to 20M cached) I can occasionally
do it, though the errant directory will eventuall work; I presume it
starts working after a cache timeout??

On the third (a P5-100, 64M, usu 1M cached) I've never seen it.

The errant directories do show up on other clients.


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