Re: Patch to sbpcd.c for modules

Glenn Moloney (glenn@physics.unimelb.EDU.AU)
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 19:06:13 +1000

> Hi Glenn Moloney,
> This patch is simple in an other aspect, too: it achieves nothing which
> can't be done without it (and it disturbs the current scheme).
> The traditional way to give values during "insmod" is:
> sbin/insmod sbpcd.o sbpcd=0x300,0
> and the "traditional" element is: initializer name is the same as
> module name.

Ok, fair enough - I had been unable to work out from the code how to
specify these args on the command line - now I know (sheepish grin).

Actually, I thought I had tried this some time ago, but it wasn't
working. (Could have been any of a number of reasons I guess).


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