cmd640_init: 0x5b read back wrong

Simon Karpen (
Thu, 19 Oct 95 09:16:54 EDT

During bootup, I get the message cmd640_init: 0x5b read back wrong. This is
with kernels from 1.3.2(something) to 1.3.35. I have a Micronics M54Pi
motherboard with built in CMD640(a?) controller (or compatible). I have 2 ide
disks running off of that controller, both Conner (1 CFA528A, 1 CFS850A).
The system seems to run fine, though.

Kernels 1.3.2?-1.3.35
gcc 2.7.1 snapshot 950826
binutils snapshot 950822
libc 5.2.9
totally ELF system and kernel
IDE, sound, no SCSI, no net hardware

If you need any more info about my kernel config or hardware, let me know.

Simon Karpen