Re: I saw Linus on CNN!

J.H.M.Dassen (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 11:01:13 +0100 (MET)

> > Linus was on CNN just an hour ago! :-) They were talking about Linux, the
> > choice of the GNU generation, flashed a few pics of Bill Gates too, and we
> > had Linus tell Billy Boy that he plans on graduating out of college,
> > unlike the richest college dropout, who did not :-P. Linus looked pretty
> > cool too in front of his 21" or so, monitor clicking upon X-Windows menus
> I keep having this strange feeling that I'm going to see a message along
> the lines of "You have been trolled." on linux-kernel list coming through
> in a few days.
> *giggle* Linus, on CNN? You mean CNN isn't totally Pope-ified 24 hours
> a day now?

I don't know. I saw the last part of the fragment on CNN _International_
in the "World Report" program (CNN showing reports from national broadcasters).

Believe me, it is a strange experience to zap and see a "Linux 95" logo
on your television.


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