ppp 2.2.0a/1.3.3[45] signal 11

Christopher Wiles (wileyc@moscow.com)
Tue, 17 Oct 1995 01:00:37 -0700 (PDT)


The new ppp driver in kernels 1.3.34 and 1.3.35 does not work for me.

Using the brand spanking-new ppp-2.2.0a off of sunsite, pppd segfaults as
soon as the link is established.

After a little poking around, I've isolated the offending line in
sys-linux.c from the ppp-2.2.0a package:

* read_route_table - read the next entry from the route table

static int read_route_table (struct rtentry *rt)
static char delims[] = " \t\n";
char *dev_ptr, *ptr, *dst_ptr, *gw_ptr, *flag_ptr;

if (fgets (route_buffer, sizeof (route_buffer), route_fd) == (char *) 0)
return 0;

I'm fairly sure this isn't a libc or an ELF problem, as I recompiled the
package statically against libc-4.7.4 as a.out.

Any ideas?

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