Continuing video problems/hangs in .35

Mike Shaver (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 21:07:55 -0400 (EDT)

My troubles with 1.3.x, x > 30, continue...
.35 exhibits the same "random data in video memory, hung w/o
interrupts" problem as .31 and .34.

Originally, it got as far as displaying the xdm background w/o the
login menu, then froze good and solid. (No VC switching, no numlock,
When I disabled klogd in the boot-up sequence, it did the garbage
video thing right before it would have gone to "Starting X11R5...".
It didn't display that message, so I would assume that it's a little
bit before.

I'm all-ELF, SCSI (Adaptec 2842), SMC Ultra, #9 GXE 64, all the
networking options, SMBFS, no fonts or anything tricky loaded at boot

I'm compiling a bare-bones kernel right now... if it changes anything,
I'll let you all know. (I know you're fascinated.)


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