Re: Windows 95 (VFAT) file systems?

Dan Merillat (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 18:36:51 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 15 Oct 1995, Marty Leisner wrote:

> Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 09:42:24 PDT
> From: Marty Leisner <>
> To: Ben Wing <>
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> Subject: Re: Windows 95 (VFAT) file systems?
> In message <>, you write:
> >I'd like to be able to mount Windows 95/Windows NT partitions under
> >Linux, so I can do tape backups -- it's easier than trying to wend
> >my way through the MS-provided tape backup programs.
> >
> xmosdos can read VFAT file needed 1.3.x -- I've used it
> readonly, and was favorably impressed...
> There is also a ntfs driver which seemed to work
> (
> >I've discovered two packages that purport to do this: doslfn01 and
> >xmsdos 0.1.6. Both claim to be alpha or beta.
> >
> Never heard of doslfn01 -- where is it...
> xmsdos and ntfs seem to work readonly well...which is what you need for
> backups...

_VERY_ useful when the disk you were backing up gets trashed.
How about restoring it then?

Anyway, why do the drivers like ntfs/hpfs etc allways go readonly?
If they have the structures etc. done enough to read the dir entrys
and the files, shouldn't they be able to update them?

Oh well. Just a personal pet peeve.

> You may have to get 1.[23].* straightened out ...also ntfs passed memcpy
> as a pointer, which needs to be modified in newer kernels...

But fixing non-kernel included drivers is 99% of the fun.

I remember the times I had trying to get userfs to work w/1.3.x
and learn yacc at the same time. Joy. Fortunatly, someone else
did it before I went insane.