1.3.35: patch for PPP

Carlo E. Prelz (fluido@marktest.pt)
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 17:55:47 +0100 (MET)

Hi. Just as I was writing a whining message about 1.3.34 still not
working OK with SCSI, I saw the next release, and I saw the light :-)
Scsi now works OK with my discs, CDrom and tape. Thanks!

I had noted a problem with the new release of the PPP software: after
setting up the link, pppd would die with signal 11... I used my faithful
debugger (shame, shame) and found out that the string buffer that is
used for reading /proc/net/route was undersized (at 100, while 128
characters are generated). This is the patch that I used (refers to


--- sys-linux.c~ Mon Oct 16 16:10:10 1995
+++ sys-linux.c Mon Oct 16 17:33:54 1995
@@ -945,7 +945,7 @@

FILE *route_fd = (FILE *) 0;
-static char route_buffer [100];
+static char route_buffer [256];

static char *path_to_route (void);
static int open_route_table (void);


(I am used to size unknown buffers to 256... the original authors are
welcome to put the number they prefer)

I will probably run the benchmarks this night. You can find results
for up to 1.3.34 on http://neon.ingenia.com/bm.