Re: ps2 aux mouse / TI Travelmate mouse problem

allanah miles (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 11:39:18 -0400 (EDT)

> If someone can tell me what needs to be avoided to make C&T
> autodetection work, I can either fold that into the serial driver to
> make things work. In the worse case, if a really ugly hack is required
> that will make the serial driver less functional for other folks, the
> changes can go in #ifdef'ed under CONFIG_82C710 mouse....

Basically, the best thing to do is if CONFIG_82C710 is defined, assume
that type of mouse is connected.

This might hose regular PS2 mouse users who are compiling a kernel for
both regular PS2 usage and 82C710 mouse usage, but that's the sacrifice
you have to make.

Or if there's any way to determine if it's REALLY a ps2 device, then do
that before assuming it's a 82C710 device. Otherwise, assume it's a
82C710 if the CONFIG_ is ifdef'ed.

It seems the kernel code fo rthe 82C710 works, just the auto-detection
is busted. So if in make config you say that you have the TI Travelmate
mouse, just assume that if a PS2 device is detected, that it WILL be
a 82C710.

Does that make any sense? I've been up almost all weekend (short of 3
hours sleep) and am full of coffee, so I'm rambling. => Please forgive,
but that's the way life goes. If anyone can make heads or tails out of
this who could use this input, cool.


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