Video probs in .31, .34

Mike Shaver (
Sat, 14 Oct 1995 10:36:08 -0400 (EDT)

When booting .34, very shortly after going multiuser, I get the screen
filled with all sorts of blinking and/or coloured characters, the
likes of which I haven't seen since my DOS days. =) Looks like
someone is writing to the video memory incorrectly, but that's just a
guess. =)

I had a similar problem with .31, but decided to wait it out (silly
me). Nothing appears in the logs, and booting w/o klogd doesn't show
anything on the screen.

All ELF, 2.7.0, no SMP, -m486, net, no IDE, AIC7xxx (2842),
netlink/rtnetlink, SMC ultra, profiling on, SCSI verbosity on.

Video card is a #9 GXE-64.


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