Kernel OOPS in 1.3.31 and 1.3.33

Andreas Degert (
Fri, 13 Oct 95 12:35 MET

I get the following oops when copying a directory tree (about 60MB) to
a mounted msdos partition with 1.3.31 and 1.3.33 (please ask for further
information if nessesary):

general protection: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:0016a9be
EFLAGS: 00010206
eax: 001864f0 ebx: 00000000 ecx: 001d0dd4 edx: 00494d20
esi: ffffffff edi: 00556600 ebp: 00000001 esp: 0061fdf8
ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 002b gs: 002b ss: 0018
Process cpio (pid: 168, process nr: 22, stackpage=0061f000)
Stack: 00000000 00006129 001c5a24 00006127 00556600 00000000 00556600 001d0dd4
0016aaff 001c5a24 0001864f 00000000 00000000 ffffffff 0061fee4 0061fee0
00000abc 00000000 00000000 001c5a24 0016ab78 001c5a24 00000abc 00000000
Call Trace: 0016aaff 0016ab78 0016ad8f 00166b52 00166cf7 00166d4f 001306ed
00124e47 00124f80 0010af0d
Code: 89 06 8b 7c 24 18 0f b7 6c 1f 1a 83 7c 24 38 00 75 18 8b 4c

Output of ksymoops:

Using `../src/linux/' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: 16a9be <_raw_scan_sector+1a6/230>
Trace: 16aaff <_raw_scan_nonroot+47/90>
Trace: 16ab78 <_raw_scan+30/80>
Trace: 16ad8f <_msdos_scan+47/74>
Trace: 166b52 <_msdos_create_entry+86/1b0>
Trace: 166cf7 <_msdos_create+7b/120>
Trace: 166d4f <_msdos_create+d3/120>
Trace: 1306ed <_open_namei+1cd/430>
Trace: 124e47 <_do_open+77/180>
Trace: 124f80 <_sys_open+30/60>
Trace: 10af0d <_system_call+59/a0>

Code: 16a9be <_raw_scan_sector+1a6/230> movl %eax,(%esi)
Code: 16a9c0 <_raw_scan_sector+1a8/230> movl 0x18(%esp,1),%edi
Code: 16a9c4 <_raw_scan_sector+1ac/230> movzwl 0x1a(%edi,%ebx,1),%ebp
Code: 16a9c9 <_raw_scan_sector+1b1/230> cmpl $0x0,0x38(%esp,1)
Code: 16a9ce <_raw_scan_sector+1b6/230> jne 16a9e8 <_raw_scan_sector+1d0/230>
Code: 16a9d0 <_raw_scan_sector+1b8/230> movl 0xffffff90(%eax,%eax,1),%ecx
Code: 16a9d4 <_raw_scan_sector+1bc/230> nop

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