Re: vc scrollback

Axel Boldt (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 11:08:17 -0700

David Holland <> said:

[I said that vc's are bad and should be replaced by screen.]

David> WRONG. Very bad idea. The VCs are *the* thing that makes Linux useable
David> without X running. There are lots of low-end machines that this is
David> vital for. Linux is, to some extent, the only useful system supporting
David> such machines. It would be wrong to remove this support.

Yes, I agree, I hadn't thought about that. If you don't run X and
still want to use graphical programs, I guess you need vc's. Screen
obviously cannot help you there. I apologize for having posted an
obvious stupidity to this distinguished list.

David> I have my syslog scrolling up on one VC. I don't have to log
David> out to let somebody else use the console.

So you definitely need scrollback per vc then.

David> Screen doesn't cut it. Maybe if somebody patches it so it can use a
David> sequence of more than one character as its escape it will have a
David> chance of being useful. Maybe. It's still a highly inferior system.

You can of course use multicharacter sequences as escape character
(using bindkey, and setting your ordinary escape character to
something that your keyboard never sends). Screen is much better at
character terminal multiplexing then vc's, but vc's can do other
things as well.

Is it possible to disable the vc scrollback buffer (privacy concerns)?


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