1.3.33: SCSI compile error

Carlo E. Prelz (fluido@marktest.pt)
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 11:29:25 +0100 (MET)

Hi. I got a brand new pentium90 that we are using as internet server. I
downloaded v1.3.33 from scratch as a present for the machine :-) This
morning, when compiling, I got an undefined symbol message from hosts.o
for symbol scsi_loadable_module_flag.

I grepped all .c and .h files, but found no reference to this variable
outside hosts.c, scsi.c, sd.c and hosts.h, all in the drivers/scsi
subdirectory. It is defined as extern in hosts.h. Since I had no idea
where the variable was supposed to be defined, I just commented out the
extern keyword. OK, I had no clue... Anyway, the kernel compiled OK, but
at boot time I got:

unable to obtain scsi_result buffer

and the SCSI disks were not seen... What is the right patch?


BTW, you can find benchmark data for some new releases at:


As soon as my life returns to some appearance of normality (when ?!?) I
will restart posting the benchmark differences for each release on this

All the best.