Re: vc scrollback

David Holland (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 15:54:53 -0400 (EDT)

> > > > I believe the whole vc system is fundamentally flawed. It is not the
> > > > kernel's business to do console scrolling or console switching. That's
> >
> > WRONG. Very bad idea. The VCs are *the* thing that makes Linux useable
> > without X running. There are lots of low-end machines that this is
> > vital for. Linux is, to some extent, the only useful system supporting
> > such machines. It would be wrong to remove this support.
> The part that I was so emphatically agreeing with was the part about this
> being a kernel-level service. Should we throw an X server
> in the kernel just because that makes graphical systems usable? :-]

Sure. A lot of systems (Suns, for instance) have framebuffer devices
in the kernel.

What goes in the kernel is what's necessary to make the system work
nicely and run smoothly. It cannot be based on some abstract and
ill-defined ethic of "smallness".

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