re: disk transfer time

mark (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 11:12:00 -0400

>Of course, few disks can manage a 5MB/second transfer rate unless the
>data is already in their cache (and, if the data IS in their cache, EIDE
>and Fast SCSI-II drives can manage 10MB/sec. or thereabouts). 1-2MB/sec. is
>more typical, so the transfer time in your example would actually be in
>the neighborhood of .005 seconds -- still faster than the seek time, but
>not by as big a margin.

I dunno about SCSI, but for IDE, the "standard" these days
is around 3.5-4.3MB/sec, and all of the newer 5400rpm models
can do better than that (eg. Quantum Fireball - 7MB/sec).

With data already in the on-drive buffer (cache, read-ahead, ..)
the IDE transfer rate can be as fast as 16.6MB/sec.