Re: sendmail sleeps forever

Philip Petrescu (
Sat, 13 Jan 1990 00:18:10 +0200 (GMT+0200)

On Mon, 9 Oct 1995, Tor Arntsen wrote:

> Somewhen (I'm not sure but I *think* it was when I jumped from 1.3.17
> to 1.3.25) my sendmail 8.6.11 daemon stopped waking up to run my mailqueue.
> It just sleeps -- if the mail is deferred initially then I have to run
> the queue manually.
> Anyone else seen this?
> (I'm now at 1.3.32 it still doesn't work)

It happened to me too. Right when I jumped from 1.2.13 to 1.3.19. It just
didn't sent any mail until 5 minutes or more passed ! Even if the mail
vas delivered locally ! I thought it was from the kernel but it wasn't !
I switched back to 1.2.13 and it did the same thing !
Now I've managed to figure it up ! It was from an nameserver from my
/etc/resolv.conf that I had misspelled ! I just removed it and then it
worked again as if nothing happened !

Hope this helps !


Philip Petrescu