Re: v1.3.32 Oopses

Peter K (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 08:35:00 +0200 (GMT+0200)

> Could you please double-check that you didn't get any rejects or that
> the kernel compilation went ok? The 1.3.32 patches are pretty much
> totally insignificant, with the exception of the NFS code. So if 1.3.31
> was stable for you, 1.3.32 _should_ also be ok.

No rejects, but I'll wipe the source tree and extract it from

> Do you NFS-mount anything? If you don't, I'd really like you to try to
> do a "make clean" and re-make your kernel just to make sure it's not
> something like that. Because I can't see anything in the code that
> should make any difference..

So do I. Been through the patch probably 5 times. Although I have NFS
switched on I don't usually use it nor did anyone mount my system (there
are only 2 people here that I allow, anyway, and neither did).

I'll compile one kernel with and one without NFS and check it again.

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