Re: make config changes my hostname

Martin Schulze (linux-kernel@Infodrom.North.DE)
Mon, 9 Oct 95 20:36 MET

Hi Rod!

} After doing a 'make config' my hostname changes to "-d". Doing a
} 'hostname lonestar' returns it to normal. I am not sure when this
} started happening but it has been happening for a while, but I think only
} during the 1.3 series.
} I am running a very old setup, hmm... it might still be a SLS
} distribution or this setup might be one of the first Slackwares.

Newer hostnames report the domain if they're invoced with "-d", the
fqdn with "-f" and the simple hostname without any arguments.

It seems that you still have a hostname(1) that doesn't support this

I would recommend upgrading, sorry.



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