ps2 aux mouse / TI Travelmate mouse problem

allanah miles (
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 21:02:57 -0400 (EDT)

Using linux kernel v1.3.31, with the ps2 mouse and ti travelmate mouse
options turned on in compile, gpm won't recognize my mouse.

/dev/mouse is a symlink to /dev/ps2aux which is a char device 10, 1
which is cat'able, but moving the mouse or clicking the buttons gives
nothing. I'm wondering if the device has moved since v1.1.23 (laugh,
yes, that was the last kernel I was running...) and since 10, 1,
/dev/ps2aux and selection worked fine, v.1.3.31, ps2aux, and gpm don't

Any ideas? Poking around at the kernel looking at ps2aux.c in the
drivers/char tree, I found probe_qp to look very fishy. I'm gonna work
on hacking it into submission, but without any programming specs on the
TI travelmate mouse, it'll be a tough job.

Anyone who worked on this who wants to hack around on it with me,
feel free to respond to me at

I'm running a TravelMate 4000E (486 DX2/50)


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