Re: v1.3.32 Oopses

Linus Torvalds (
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 16:13:47 +0200

Peter K: "v1.3.32 Oopses" (Oct 9, 15:56):
> Hi, gang
> I have run into several (well, uh, about 10 in the space of about 6 hours)
> kernel oopses just this morning after applying 1.3.32 complainin about
> not being able to free unallocated kernel pages (?)
> My config : P5-133, 32 Mb, 256 Kb, 2 x 1 Gb SCSI II's, PCI NCR53c810, 8
> bit SoundBlaster, ISA NE2000 (Accton), ISA USR 14400, PCI Phoenix S3
> Trio64 running an ELF kernel.
> This happens regularly, so much so that I want to return to 1.3.31 (code
> named 'OJ', innit ? :) Last time bleading-linux was this unstable (for me)
> was in the 1.1.5x's, I think.

Could you please double-check that you didn't get any rejects or that
the kernel compilation went ok? The 1.3.32 patches are pretty much
totally insignificant, with the exception of the NFS code. So if 1.3.31
was stable for you, 1.3.32 _should_ also be ok.

Do you NFS-mount anything? If you don't, I'd really like you to try to
do a "make clean" and re-make your kernel just to make sure it's not
something like that. Because I can't see anything in the code that
should make any difference..