1.3.31 Kernel panic

c.small-student-ele-acacia-90064116 (csmall@acs.itd.uts.edu.au)
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 09:58:58 +1000 (EST)

I have recevied the following message with the Linux kernel 1.3.31

Kernel panic: skpush: under: 00482048:1961962
In swapper task - not syncing

And that's where it stops. The last two numbers change each time it
happens though.

OK so how did I get the panic? I've got the AX.25 code enabled and I
also have written a net device driver that looks a lot like pi2.c
(including the changes recently made). This problem only occurs when I
run listen or rspfd. Both of these use the SOCK_PACKET type of socket,
which makes me think that it has something to do with it.

To test things out, I did not run listen or rspfd and then pinged a
station with 400 byte packets at 2 second intervals. I also connected to
the station (plain AX.25). The link was 9600 baud. Despite the load, the
kernel did not panic. Ping complained at times about wrong data byte or
something and the ax.25 connection got a screen of ping data (ABCDEF...)
but no panicing.

Now if people out there think it is the device driver I have written,
then do they have suggestions to fix it. I'd like to know if anyone who
uses the pi2.c driver is having problems.

- Craig