quando.linux-kernel: Re: sending a message without being subscribed?

5 Oct 1995 22:26:42 GMT

In article <199510021228.NAA22624@helsinki.tasking.nl>,
Mail to News <dicks@tasking.nl> wrote:
> Why isn't is possible to send a message to this list without being
> subscribed to it? Here at work, several people are interested in the
> linux mailing lists, so we decided to take one subscription under the
> name "rnews@tasking.nl" and forward the messages to a local newsgroup.

We had the same problem here.
We solved it by allowing local postings to that news group; such
postings (as long as they are not marked with a local distribution)
get forwarded by to the mailing list. In those outgoing mails the
sender is set to the 'correct' address (ie. the one subscribed to
the list).

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