Re: Missing symbols for modules on 1.3.31

Eric Youngdale (
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 10:31:08 -0400

>Once again, the ever-popular list of missing symbols. There are a few
>modules I haven't tried (arcnet, token ring, some NCR network stuff) but
>other than those, this is a pretty comprehensive list of modules that are
>missing symbols. Note that not much progress has been made from 1.3.30,
>this still includes all of the SCSI modules....

I am not sure what is wrong with depmod, but all of the scsi symbols
that I see there are actually exported by scsi_mod.o. Thus on a bare kernel
they would not exist, but if you load scsi_mod, the symbols would be
resolvable and the remaining scsi modules could then be loaded.

If you answer "y" to SCSI support, but 'm' to all of the scsi
that support modularization, the main kernel should be able to provide all
the symbols as well.


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