Re: Ksyms for kgdb

Linus Torvalds (
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 11:50:13 +0200

Uwe Bonnes: "Ksyms for kgdb" (Oct 4, 23:23):
> Hallo,
> I think having kgdb is a handy tool for kernelhackers. So I was surprised
> however that even in 1.3.30 the symbols from the kdebug-1.1/mm.patch are
> still missing?
> Is there a reason to do so?

The reason is two-fold:

- I haven't even seen the patch
- even if I had, I'd probably have discarded it unless there are better
reasons than a "kdebug" interface.

The first one is obvious, the second one is just my personal fight
against the evils of debuggers. I'm a sick and twisted person, and I
trust people who write code without debuggers a lot more than I trust
those who don't..

[ rant mode on.. ]

I do see some good points in a kernel debugger, but I have yet to be
convinced that the good things outweigh the bad. The only valid uses of
debuggers is to get a stack backtrace and a register dump, imho, and
that is what you get from a kernel panic anyway (and the
program will actually make it readable for others than just me ;-)

I'm afraid that I've seen too many people fix bugs by looking at
debugger output, and that almost inevitably leads to fixing the symptoms
rather than the underlying problems.

[ silly mode on: we had Star Wars on the TV some time ago ]

"Use the Source, Luke, use the Source. Be one with the code.". Think
of Luke Skywalker discarding the automatic firing system when closing on
the deathstar, and firing the proton torpedo (or whatever) manually.
_Then_ do you have the right mindset for fixing kernel bugs.

[ fatalistic mode on ]

I'm fighting windmills, I know. I'm just set in my ways,