Re: extended partitions
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 00:52:59 +0100

: >Anyway - there are many ways to solve this "problem" - but perhaps
: >there is no problem.
: >Reiterating: in my view it is very bad that writing to /dev/hda4
: >can destroy /dev/hda5, and it is only slightly inconvenient that
: >presently the number of ways to boot Linux has diminished a little.
: >(There is the MBR, there is LOADLIN, there is fips to make a small
: >Linux partition, etc. etc. And a small change in LILO will restore
: >the original freedom.)

: As long as Lilo can still be installed on the extended partition I'll
: be satisfied.

Good. So either adapting the kernel or LILO would work.
The easiest change that seems to satisfy everybody (perhaps
except for myself) is to follow Ted's suggestion and make
the length 1 block.

: BTW, if the Lilo installer is now responsible for reading the partition
: table to figure out what "hda5" means,

Don't worry. There is no good software that uses the naming.
The kernel, or fdisk, are quite willing to have it called

When I talk about hda5, that is only shorthand for: the device with
major 3 and minor 5.

[In fact newbies are often confused, and say: the kernel recognized
/dev/hdc, while it only printed "hdc", a disk designation, for a device
with major 22 and minor 0, not the filename of a block special file,
that exists on their system but has a different major number.]

: Also, while you are considering changes to Lilo, how about preventing it
: from being installed on the boot sector of an MSDOS file system? Quite
: a few people get badly hurt by that mistake, too.

I will never consider making any changes to Lilo unless Werner says
that he thinks it a good idea. But I got the impression that he
preferred the present stability - the "don't fix it when it is not
broken" point of view. He may well be right.