Kernel-PLL (time adjustment) code update

Torsten Duwe (
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 23:09:42 GMT

(I thought I Cc:'ed my answer to Andrew Howell to the kernel list previously
but it must have gotten lost somehow)

The kernel time-keeping PLL has been updated (1.3.28) to comply with
rfc-1489. This is visible in user-land by a changed <{sys,linux}/timex.h>
include file. Xntp, the time distribution package that this pll is mainly
intended to be used with, has been updated already, the changes will appear
in the next release (probably xntp-3.4y). The master site for it is but is as good. Check /pub/ntp
respectively /pub/NTP for the new version.

Since the change grows struct timex I had supplied a patch for libc if
compiled for a binary distribution on pre-1.3.28 kernels. If you compile libc
yourself then simply do so again after this change (ignoring the patch),
otherwise the simple adjtime(), which gets mapped to adjtimex() in libc, will
crash your program. Obviously some Linux distributors can't read, so if your
application crashes in adjtime() get the "good" libraries from H. J. Lu. (the
README with the patch has been in the sources for over a year now so this
problem really shouldn't exist). Note that this has nothing to do with ELF
libraries or libc version numbers.

Sorry for the delay(s) and thanks to all bug reporters