1.3.30 Kernel and ELF

Jurgen Botz (min@oti.on.ca)
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 11:22:50 -0400

Hi. I have some questions about 1.3.x kernel and ELF since I was away from
the mailing list for quite a while. My story is the following:
1. I built a new kernel 1.3.30 by using a.out format. Everything looks cool. I also turned on the
ELF supporting options when I did "make config". This kernel can boot and run normally.
2. I decided to upgrade to ELF format. I downloaded everthing I need. And install them (ld,libc,gcc,binutils).
Everything looks cool so far. I can compile C code in both formats and execute them. I can also use X windows
(XFree3.1.1 a.out format).
**3. After I shutdown and reboot the machine, I find that the kernel starts checking /dev/hd3 (which is /usr)
every single time I boot the machine. But it did not have this kind of behavior when I uses a.out only format.
**4. So I tried re-compiling a kernel under ELF format. After I compiled the kernel, it can boot and run but still
has the same problem checking /dev/hd3 all the time.

Thanks for any insight info,


Min Wei
Object Technology International Inc.
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