Re: What's about the CMD640?

Delman Lee (
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 01:16:40 -0400

] Shouldn't the CMD640 be detected as well and prefetch disabled (and
] perhaps even hda=serialize automatically selected)?

Yup, Mark has done it in the 1.3.x (forgot what the exact x is) kernels.

] > Linux - Disable prefetch buffer in CMOS
] > settings.
] ^^ Could this be done for sure in the kernel?

It's done for both the RZ1000 & CMD640 in 1.3.x.

] Also, would "hdparm -c1 /dev/hd?" be useful with the CMD640?

Don't know for sure, I don't have a CMD640 to test. With the RZ1000,
hdparm -c1 keeps the transfer rate (as reported by hdparm -t) high.