Re: messages in my log

Mike Shaver (
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 10:32:26 -0400 (EDT)

root mumbled something vague about:
> ok, i'm on kernel 1.3.30, and have noticed some entries in
> /var/log/messages about cache missmatch TCP.
> There's not a real problem, as I dident notice until i looked at vt8 (has
> output from syslog on). During the time that PPP was up, I ran openwin (X),
> (hot)java (shhh, subscribe to the java-linux list if you want to know more),
> netscape (cos java's unstable), and ftp. I know that these messages are
> spread through the entire session.
> (from my messages file)
> Sep 28 13:20:25 gytha kernel: Cache mismatch on TCP.
> Sep 28 13:20:58 gytha kernel: Cache mismatch on TCP.

Alan added some new code to detect the bug, but I think it's been
there for (at least) a few revisions.

So it's not a new bug, just a better-documented one.


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