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Subject: Kernel Build Problem
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I've built kernels in my current version of linux previously with no problems
(ver 1.2.3) using gcc version 2.6.3 with libc version 4.6.27. Now I've
gone to using SCSI disk drives with an Adaptec 1542C. I pick SCSI drives
and the Adaptec 1542 controller to support disks and the kernel build seems
to go fine. I then set-up LILO for the new kernel and re-link LILO. Upon
re-booting all seems to go well until the cursor goes down to the next line
to say Uncompressing linux. At this point the boot process hangs and
the message is never displayed. I re-acquired another copy of gcc and
the libraries (assuming I might have a corrupt copy) from another site with
the same results. I then downloaded version 1.2.8 of the kernel from another
site and still got the same results. I've looked back through the digests
for this list searching for several keywords and the only reference to a
problem similar to mine was Dec 94 referring to changes needed in the
arch/i386/Makefile but I can not make any sense of what these changes are
supposed to be if in fact they really address my problem. Does anyone
have any clues? I'd gladly provide more info if *anyone* has any ideas.
I'm running dry at this point.

On another note, does this list send postings to the originator of the
posting? I've posted this question before and never saw it in the
output from the list server and don't know if my question is getting to
the list.


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