DBM library confusion

Michael Brennen (mbrennen@fni.com)
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 11:23:07 -0500 (CDT)

This looks to be the best list to post this to, as I saw no list relating
to libraries.

I am trying to compile the Apache 0.8.14 server to use DBM authorization,
and I am getting segmentation faults at some point when the auth is
actually done. Two things I have turned up in relation to this that look
to be DBM library related.

1) The Web error logs indicates that SIGSEGV was taken and that it is
dumping core. Yet, I find no current "core" files with find. This is
1.3.29. Where can I expect to find the core file?

2) The Apache documentation mentions -lndbm as the library of choice, but
there is no such beast on my system, and I cannot find it in sunsite or
tsx-11 file indexes. I am linking in -ldbm instead. The Apache code is
including <ndbm.h>. Are the -ldbm library and <ndbm.h> include file

TIA for any help anyone can give....

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