Re: ps shows wrong command line

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Thu, 28 Sep 1995 01:25:38 -0700 (PDT)

Marc Lehmann was saying something about...
(trimmed variously)
> Kernel 1.3.27, 28, 29 (and possibly others)
> Sometimes a "ps" gives me output similar to this
> 61 s03 SW 0:00 (agetty)ogin)
> 1907 pp0 S 0:00 (mkall)ger)
> 2177 pp3 R 0:00 ps

This has happened to me at least since early 1.2.x versions. Since I moved
this installation over to the machine with only 8mb of RAM, it's been much
more noticeable (as tasks tend to swap more often, ahem..). I also notice
it on the 486 with 16mb, whenever I do something nice like run X with several
virtual screens full of xpaint/xv/xdvi/xterm/whatever... Just to let you
know it's more than a localized occurance.

Linux phaedrus 1.2.11 #12 Thu Aug 31 16:05:47 PDT 1995 i386

On the bright side of things, since I stabilized phaedrus with a correctly-
compiled kernel, it's never crashed. Ever! (well, due to Linux bugs, at
least ;) ) Good job, guys. Keep up the great work.

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